Today world is facing pandemic situation of Covid-19. Due to this many small, medium & OEM businesses are about to shut down. Industrial hub, SEZ & major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. In this cities there is largest internal migrants of India. All these cities also absorb large no. of skilled and unskilled people from other states across India.

To run a supply chain of consumer’s goods with less manpower is a main challenge for many companies are based in Mumbai/Kolkata. So many consumer goods companies are trying to shift towards packaging automation. This packaging automation is a light at the end of tunnel to this companies. Packaging operation involves primary packaging and distribution in customer hand. This include many packaging processes like sealing, labeling, strapping, palatalizing, filling etc.

The packaging automation comes in a two options to overcome this situation

  • Short Term Packaging solution
  • Long Term Packaging solution

Short Term:

Short Term packaging solutions includes all kind of manual hand tools for small box packing contains activities like strapping, tapping and plastic film wrapping.

Long Term: 

Long term packaging solutions includes customize packaging layout , operation study, process analysis, ROI, cost analysis and offer packaging automation lines, end of packaging machine, pallet strapping, wrapping, tapping machine etc. to suit customers long term packaging automation needs.

Impact after applying packaging automation:

  1. Huge Time Saving
  2.  Less Manpower Required
  3.  Less Process Time Required
  4.  Packaging Quality Improves
  5.  Just in Time Delivery is Possible
  6.  Achieve Consistent Packaging
  7. Fulfill customers demand on time 
  8. Makes supplier and customer both happy