How to Choose Strap for your Product Packing?

Do you know what the best way to pack your product is? It’s by choosing the right strap considering its properties and specifications . This considerations certainly help in determining what kind of strap you require to secure your Valuable Product.

Here we present some Different Types of Strapping :

  • Plastic Strapping:

Plastic strapping is commonly used for light to medium bundles or packages and is ideal for low to medium size boxes. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries because it utilizes plastic straps, usually made of polypropylene and Polyester.

Polypropylene and Polyester are main two types of strap.

  1. Polypropylene Strap (PP Strap):

Polypropylene strapping is also known as plastic strapping and is a cheaper alternative to Polyester Strapping and Steel Strapping whilst also being adequate for most packaging uses, such as light and medium duty applications.

DescriptionColorBreaking StrengthPackingPackaging Tools
12 ✕ 0.65 mmAs Per Requirement60-70 Kg05 -07 Kg/RollHand Tools , automatic strap Tools
Source – Qualis Engineers

2. Polyester Strap (PET Strap):

Polyester strapping is the most rigid option, offering the strongest plastic strapping, and is used as a viable alternative to steel in many industries. Polyester provides excellent retained tension on rigid loads and its excellent recovery properties help a load absorb impact without strap breakage. It has significantly less elongation than polypropylene and retains tension over a longer period of time. It is replacement to the Steel strap in many cases.

Sr. No.PET Strap SizeBreaking StrengthLength per  Roll/ 20kgPackaging Tools
1.25mm900 Kg600mHand Tool/ Combination Tool
2.19mm780 Kg780mHand Tool/ Combination Tool
3.16mm400 Kg1300mHand Tool/ Combination Tool
4.12mm260 Kg2000mHand Tool/ Combination Tool
Source – Qualis Engineers

3. Cord Strap:

Cord strapping is cost effective and ideal for securing and bundling light to medium / heavy loads for most industries. These products are used primarily for securing heavy and extra heavy loads in the bundling, metal and plastics industries as well as for rail car load secure.

Sr. No.Cord Strap SizeBreaking StrengthLength RollPackingPackaging Tools
1.32mm1450 Kg300m02Roll / BoxHand Tool, Buckle
2.25mm750 Kg500m02Roll / BoxHand Tool,  Buckle
3.19mm385 Kg600m02Roll / BoxHand Tool,  Buckle
4.16mm320 Kg850m02Roll / BoxHand Tool,  Buckle 
Source – Qualis Engineers

4. Woven/ Lashing Belt:

The cargo lashing ratchet offer high utility, strong flexible and reliable operation that is constructed out of two separate pieces of webbing each with their own hardware that are fastened at one end to the area surrounding the equipment to be protected and connect to each other, typically at the fastener

Sr. No.Lashing Belt SizeBreaking StrengthColorPackingPackaging Tools
1.25mm1000KgOrange10 RollHand Tools, Buckle
2.32mm1500 KgWhite/Yellow10 RollHand Tools,  Buckle
3.32mm2000 KgWhite/Yellow10 RollHand Tools,  Buckle
4.32mm2000 KgWhite (Printed Breaking Strength)10 RollHand Tools,  Buckle 
5.35mm3000 KgOrange10 RollHand Tools,  Buckle 
6.40mm3000 KgWhite5 RollHand Tools, Buckle
7.40mm5000 KgOrange (Printed Breaking Strength)5 RollHand Tools, Buckle
8.50mm2500 KgOrange5 RollHand Tools, Buckle
9.50mm3000 KgOrange5 RollHand Tools, Buckle
10.50mm4000 KgOrange5 RollHand Tools, Buckle
11.50mm5000KgOrange (Printed Breaking Strength )5 RollHand Tools, Buckle
Source – Qualis Engineers
  • Steel Strap:

The combination of high breaking strain and minimal material stretch makes steel strap very suitable for strapping heavy loads.

Sr. No.Steel Strap SizeBreaking StrengthPackingPackaging Tools
1.31.0 ✕ 0.79 mm HT800Kg01 Roll – 50 KgHand Tools, Combination Tools
2.25 ✕ 0.64 mm HT460 Kg01 Roll – 50KgHand Tools, Combination Tools
3.19mm ✕ 0.94 mm HT400 Kg01 Roll – 40KgHand Tools, Combination Tools
4.19mm ✕ 0.64 mm HT300 Kg01 Roll – 40KgHand Tools, Combination Tools
5.12mm  ✕ 0.45mm HT200 Kg01 Roll – 40KgHand Tools, Combination Tools
Source – Qualis Engineers

Comparison table for Strap Selection:

 PP StrapPET StrapCord StrapLashing BeltSteel Strap
Breaking Strength50-70 Kg300- 800 Kg400-2000 Kg1500-5000Kg400-1000 Kg
AppearanceEmboss/PlainEmboss/ PlainPlainPlainPlain
Strength for Outside packingMediumMediumHighHighHigh
Packing Method Manual / AutomaticM/AM/AM/AM/AM/A
Shelf LifeLowMediumHighHighHigh
Source – Qualis Engineers

Why Choose PET Strap Over Steel Strap:

  1. Excellent Tensile Strength and Welding Strength: Thus it is used for many heavy packages.
  2. Excellent Tension Maintenance. It maintains tensile strength for a long stretch of time with minimized strap slacking, while ensuring excellent shock resistance ideal for long-distance, long-period transportation.
  3. Excellent Rusty and Chemical Resistance: Thus allows direct strapping with PET straps without products damage or rusty.
  4. Superior Flexibility for convenient operation. PET strap does not “Whiplash” when removed, thus creating a safe work environment for users. Moreover, it does not have sharp edges, so there is no risk of injures for either goods or user while tensioning or cutting the strap. And it is no necessary for special cutting tools.
  5. Super Weather Resistance. It can be stable under temperature of -50℃ – 100℃, which ensures PET straps widely applied under any conditions.
  6. Comparing to other straps, PET strap is the “Beauty”, as it can be made in different colors with good transference. Also, it can be recycled for it is an environment protective strapping material.
  7. Good Economical Application. The density of PET Strap is only 1/6 of Steel Strap for a given length, but its price is much cheaper than Steel Strap.
  8. It does not rust and there is no corrosion staining of the strapped product.
  9. Its weight is half that of steel which minimizes manual handling risks.
  10. It contains more meter’s and this reduces coil change frequency.
  11. It does not have sharp edges therefore reducing the personal injury risk.
  12. It is environmentally friendly – it can be recycled!
  13. It has a higher related tension than Steel Strapping.
  14. It performs well under ‘shock loading’.